Video Portfolio

Project videos are captured when I get the opportunity and have an interesting project. They may not be professionally mastered, but the actual projects are! I enjoy doing these occasionally to show the process and my variety of work. Take a look and be kind on the reviews of the videos. I’m just learning on mastering this media! As a side, all background music is performed by me as well.


This is a custom attic access door that I built for a cottage in Spring, 2018.  Needed to replace a glass access door that was desperately in need of repair.  This provides much better protection for the attic and is secure. 

This is a bathroom refresh including paint, ceramic tile, trim, new pedestal sink, new water conservative toilet, and new towel racks.  All completed in less than 2 weeks elapsed time, under 40 hours billed time.   Completed fall, 2018.


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