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I was contemplating calling this “Paul’s tips” or “Paul’s info”, but will keep it simple instead. “Paul’s blog” seems like a good title.

One thing that I want to do is start creating videos of use for home owners. Some will be my own tips that I put in video format. I have a really successful method tested at minus 10 degree’s of not having a humidifier release line freeze. That will be my first video I think for this new venture

One thing you will learn about me, I am constantly in motion. How many folks have “To Do” lists that aren’t effective? I think I may share my method of prioritizing items in a video. This method has served me well for over 30 years. This is how I get the important items done first. OK, we now have an idea for video #2.

  • Here’s the major projects I have going on right now in various stages
  1. Refinishing a 1972 VW Bus. I have absolutely no skills in this, or maybe my skill set is growing slowly. It might be interesting to chronicle
  2. Building a Lionel under the Christmas tree layout. I may be a little out of control on this one . This is where the internet has shined. All my ideas came from someone who shared their passion for this hobby.
  3. I recently refinished a doll house for one of our granddaughters. I started this over 30 years ago and after many moves, finally finished it. It was the granddaughters mother’s and super happy to finish it. Maybe I will do a video on packing it.
  4. Maybe as I start learning more about SEO, I will do some sharing on this topic.

Well, that’s my start at a blog. Let’s see where this leads us to! I can see SEO wants more links, so those will come in soon. I feel a little like my lack of writing skills is showing up too, based on WordPress suggestions 🙂🙂

and now WordPress is suggesting this become a pod cast… wow, what have I gotten myself into? But with no audience yet, I feel safe


I’m definitely a fish out of water, but without an audience, I think I’m good.

Today was a VW Bus day. My focus is getting the bus ready to prime. I’m 95% complete with welding. The entire drivers side rear quarter had taken a hit before it’s time with me. This was extremely challenging, but with one of my son’s help and guidance, it is coming together. Now working the hard work of body filler. I’m starting to get the knack of it. I’ve toyed with the idea of painting it myself, but may leave that up to experts. My goal is to get it primed by April 15th. Now that I said it, the pressure is on… But without an audience, maybe not so much.

Plans for tomorrow are to continue with body filler, also work a weld patch on the drivers floor panel.

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