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I was contemplating calling this “Paul’s tips” or “Paul’s info”, but will keep it simple instead. “Paul’s blog” seems like a good title.

One thing that I want to do is start creating videos of use for home owners. Some will be my own tips that I put in video format. I have a really successful method tested at minus 10 degree’s of not having a humidifier release line freeze. That will be my first video I think for this new venture

One thing you will learn about me, I am constantly in motion. How many folks have “To Do” lists that aren’t effective? I think I may share my method of prioritizing items in a video. This method has served me well for over 30 years. This is how I get the important items done first. OK, we now have an idea for video #2.

  • Here’s the major projects I have going on right now in various stages

  1. Refinishing a 1972 VW Bus. I have absolutely no skills in this, or maybe my skill set is growing slowly. It might be interesting to chronicle
  2. Building a Lionel under the Christmas tree layout. I may be a little out of control on this one . This is where the internet has shined. All my ideas came from someone who shared their passion for this hobby.
  3. I recently refinished a doll house for one of our granddaughters. I started this over 30 years ago and after many moves, finally finished it. It was the granddaughters mother’s and super happy to finish it. Maybe I will do a video on packing it.
  4. Maybe as I start learning more about SEO, I will do some sharing on this topic.

Well, that’s my start at a blog. Let’s see where this leads us to! I can see SEO wants more links, so those will come in soon. I feel a little like my lack of writing skills is showing up too, based on WordPress suggestions 🙂

and now WordPress is suggesting this become a pod cast… wow, what have I gotten myself into? But with no audience yet, I feel safe

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