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 What makes a great Handyman?  How many does Paul have?

√ Communication and Listening – Paul is attentive to the customers needs as a Handyman. His endorsements show that attention to detail.

√ Friendliness and Trustworthy – Trust is definitely an earned honor. It’s one that Paul takes very seriously. Ask anyone at the Black Rose Acoustic Society about Paul, you will hear about his dedication to this wonderful organization.

√ Quality and Ability – Paul has over 40 years of doing Handyman work while working a full time career and has seen it all. Solving your needs with an experienced problem solver saves you both time and money.

√ Safe and Clean – Paul does not take jobs that he can’t safely perform, period. Customers will have peace of mind knowing that PM Doors and More is licensed and insured. Paul’s connection with key specialists also ensures that he will do everything safely.

Availability and Responsiveness – During working hours, Paul has a target of getting back on quotes within 4 hours, often beating that by hours. If you leave a message, Paul will return it quickly.


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